Atlastica services for mining industry

Atlastica combines new technology with two decades worth of expertise in surveying. The end result is high quality service and accurate data with which your project is bound to advance smoothly and cost-efficiently.

  • Surface models
    3D model of the terrain’s surface for calculating volumes, tilts etc.
  • Volumetric Calculations
    Find out how much material you have in stock, how much an area can hold, or how much more is needed to complete the project.
  • Measuring intendations
    Get precise measurements of ground level fall due to pressure and use.
  • Contours
    Accurate measurements of the terrain as contour drawings.
  • Point clouds
    Dense point cloud model of the area as a base for project planning.

The fastest way to accurately model a quarry’s terrain is with processed data acquired from above. Atlastica uses a quadcopter designed and manufactured in Finland to gather vast amounts of data. With the data we’re able to produce accurate 3D models of the target area. Safety, which is especially important in mining business, is not an issue with this technique, since the pilot can stand far back as the UAV handles data acquisition. It is also extremely fast when compared to ground-based measuring systems.

Atlastica offers Riegl’s advanced laser scanner as a solution when aerial data collection is not an option. Dense point cloud models are produced fast and reliably. The model can then be processed further for many aforementioned products and services. In addition, Atlastica can create marketing material in the form of high resolution images and video, both from the real world or from point clouds.