Kuvista laskettu pistepilvi

Point cloud calculated out of imagery

Kuvista laskettu ortomosaiikki

Ortomosaic calculated out of imagery

Atlastica drone Services

Atlastica utilises advanced UAV-photogrammetry to capture small and large areas fast and condences the vast amounts of collected data into the form your project requires, such as:

  • Surface models
    3D model of the terrain’s surface for calculating volumes, tilts etc.
  • Volumetric Calculations
    Calculate the amount of materials present or needed to keep the project in schedule
  • Contours
    Accurate measurements of the terrain as contour drawings
  • Point clouds
    Dense point cloud model of the area as a base for project planning.
  • Aerial Data Collection
    Video, oblique and orthographic photographs or orthomosaic of the whole area for marketing and inspection.

Aerial data collection is at it’s best in large and open areas such as quarries and sand pits, but works well in forests and urban areas as well. Most common targets for UAV copters within city limits are usually infrastructural targets such as bridges and roads, but buildings can also be easily turned into digital form with our equipment. Data created with other means is not as visually pleasing as it is with aerial photogrammetry, since the point cloud is calculated from pictures with convergent lighting situations; ground-based photogrammetry suffers greatly from different angle of sunshine, but as the quadcopter is in between the sun and the target, no glare will hit the lens. This is a great benefit in marketing and tourism since the material is extremely life-like.

Atlastica utilises a precise camera system that is designed specifically for aerial photography, quadcopter designed and manufactured in Finland as well as one of the most advanced software applications for calculating data and stitching images.