Atlastica records the real world in digital form

Creating detailed and accurate 3D models of areas, buildings or objects with traditional methods is time-consuming and expensive. Atlastica, however, does not use traditional measures for a task that requires something else. We utilise highly advanced laser scanning equipment with which almost any target can be turned into a 3D model. Laser scanning has revolutionised forestry and building industries. Now Atlastica is using this technology to help you digitalise the real world.


Jukka Ylitalo
+358 40 501 4024

Jani Juujärvi
Project Manager
+358 40 501 4653

Miika Puljujärvi
Design Engineer
+358 40 501 4634
miika.puljujarvi(at)atlastica.fiSuomen Vahvimmat

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