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Atlastica is a laser scanning company situated in Rovaniemi. Our encompassing services include laser scanning, aerial surveying and photogrammetry, 3D modelling as well as construction drafts and up-to-date drawings.

Atlastica turns the world into a digital form

Meticulous and precise modelling of buildings and areas has previously been laborous or outright impossible. With laser scanning any subject or object can be saved in digital form and be converted into a 3D model. Atlastica’s services are of great use to engineering consultants, architects and public sectors among others.

  • Scanning is identical to the real building with 5 millimeter margin
  • Most surveying work can be completed within one day
  • You can avoid nasty surprises in your project with accurate drawings
  • Precision, speed and ease of use equal cost savings

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Laser scanning

Our safe laser scanner creates a three-dimensional point cloud out of the scan data. Point clouds can be further processed into sharp and accurate 3D models with ease.

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We have completed several different kinds of projects for clients in different fields. From marketing to construction scanning, from tourism to recording historically and culturally important sites, you will find the right tools from Atlastica’s toolkit.


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