What is laser scanning?

3D laser scanning is a digital technology

Laser scanning (also known as lidar) is a digital technology, which creates a point cloud from a physical object. This point cloud contains extremely precise data in 3D form. It is completely safe method, because the laser is low-powered.

Faster, cheaper and more accurate

1. Accuracy

Scanning matches the actual object from every angle with 5mm resolution, in true colors.

2. speed

With rare exceptions, the measurement work can be done in one day.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Accurate images allow for better quotations as well as the avoidance of unpleasant surprises in the project.

Even large objects are captured accurately

Scanner uses a laser pulse to detect surfaces and receives information of their nature when the pulse bounces back. The scanner fires millions of pulses per second and determines the distances to collisions.

Two million observations per second

The scanner processes the collision points and records each one. Several scanning positions’ data can then be combined to form a single 3D picture of the target view.

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