Versatile measuring

Precise data as the foundation of projects

We will provide you with a versatile measurement package which includes up-to-date floor plans, 3D panoramas and cross-section plans. In addition we can provide other surveying and measuring services like as-built measurements and volume calculations.

The benefits of Atlastica’s measurement package

With our package the chances of errors and mistakes in renovating shrink considerably. The package also makes it easier to operate with renovating businesses because the data is accurate. When selling an apartment the planning for renovation can begin before the apartment changes owner.

  • Helps in renovation, interior design and selling the apartment
  • Margin of error in renovation shrinks considerably
  • Accurate information of the apartment well ahead of moving in
  • Easier to work with renovating businesses
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The measuring process

Scanning the outside

Facade’s information and the precise location are recorded when scanning the building from outside.

Scanner observes meticulously

The data contains every door, window, plinth, eave, roofing etc.

Scanning the inside

Scanner spots possible unevenness or tilt of walls, ceilings and floors.

Information in addition of structure

Scanner also records visible pipings, floor drains, fixtures etc.

Plan and tender better

Atlastica’s measurement package lessens the margin of error by a great deal and helps you get better deals from contractors thanks to accurate and up-to-date drawings. We record yout subjet with 5 millimeter precision.

Replace the old construction drafts

Old construction drawings can have large differences to the real world counterpart. With Atlastica’s measurement package you can find out the differences between the drawings and reality in area size, volume and angles just to name a few.

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