3D modelling and visualisation

Modelling based on the real world

Creating to-scale and precise 3D models from point clouds is cost-efficient – even when the subjects are large and complex. 3D models can then be further processed into  videos and concept images among a variety of other things.

Better engineering with 3D models

Tiring paperwork transforms into a 3D world of precision with ease. Diverse 3D models assist engineering consultants, municipalities and cities in need of information based on real world data.

  • Virtual landscapes based on real locations.
  • Models of travel destinations for marketing
  • Building Information Models (BIM) for construction and design
  • Striking concept imaging
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The process


We begin with a meticulous planning phase, in which the needs of the project are carefully considered.

Data accumulation

Depending on the project the data is gathered by laser scanning or by UAV photogrammetry.


If the client has construction drafts and concept images ready, we can also create a model from those.


The finished model is transformed into the required format or formats.

Construction drafts with laser precision

When you need precise 3D models for construction, renovation, designing, visualisation, inspection and documenting we have the required techonolgy and expertise.

Virtual videos based on the real world

You can sell the plot before a single tree has been felled. The videos assist greatly in tourism marketing as well; we can add in ultra-high quality filmed footage of tourism activities etc.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How much do laser scanned facade plans cost?

    Price quote depends on several factors. We will need an address of the subject as well as it’s estimated size. A few photos of the building help us determining the proper cost of the project.

    Facade drawings are usually completed in about a week.

  • Does laser scanning provide a benefit in real estate?

    Yes. The subject and it’s surroundings can be digitalised as a whole, in precise scale and with natural colors, by utilising laser scanning. The data and material provided by Atlastica can be used in sales material, but also to research the subject’s proper wear and tear, area size and value.

    Large real estate deals are complicated and lenghty procedures. Risk management is essential for both parties. Atlastica’s laser scanning provides several benefits and applications:

    • Because the data is accurate and doesn’t have inconsistensies or ambiguousness, the subject can be presented in a trustworthy form to a potential buyer before even visiting the site.
    • Possible errors or problems in the subject – or a lack thereof – can be brought to both parties’ attention early, which prevents disputes, lessens the risks and helps in the valuation.
    • The true area size of the real estate can be accurately calculated.
    • In the case of a dispute the data can be used in court.