Virtual reality services

Experience the new joy of designing and planning

Would you like to see the planned changes to the subject beforehand in virtual reality? Step inside the 3D model and inspect pathway routing and space usage or the visual feel of the interior design plan.

Virtual reality is the modern solution

Virtual reality is not only for games; evaluating changes and possibilities in proper environment before actually investing will cut costs in prototyping and production. See the fruits of planning without guesswork.

  • View use cases and required changes
  • Makes planning, constructing and designing easier
  • Depending on the project could save costs in the long run
  • Powered by Unreal Engine 4 by Epic Games
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Make possibilities come to life with VR-Visio

An unbuilt project is full of possibilities. But which of these possibilities is the best? With Atlastica’s VR-Visio Service you can see with your own eyes how different buildings and changes in the facade would look like in virtual reality. For example, the different options city planners evaluate is often a source of heated discussions; with VR-Visio you can easily find out how well your plan, whether it involves parks, playgrounds or hotels, would fit the location. By bringing a whole new dimension to the planning process, Atlastica’s realistic virtual models concretize your plans.

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  • Compare different buildings in a realistic environment
  • See the effect of an extension or a change in the facade (e.g. a new balcony)
  • Inspect different design solutions with the plan changes
  • Statues and pieces of art seen realistically in full scale
  • Also enables the gathering of user opinions, which promotes inclusion

The process

Scanning the subject with a laser scanner

One scan usually takes less than a day.

3D model from a point cloud

We turn the point cloud into a 3D model.

Adding interactivity

The possibility of moving objects and opening doors etc is added.

Jump in

The virtual reality is ready to be explored and inspected.

Versatile and advanced 3D software

We create the virtual realities with Unreal Engine’s fourth version, which was originally designed for game production. In addition to game development, UE4 is so flexible it is often utilised in architectural visualisations and in movie production.

A new way to design

Whether you’re doing interior design, planning renovations or inspecting a new product, you can view your plans or creation from every angle. Observing the virtual model is easy and handy with Oculus Rift virtual glasses without prior experience.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is virtual reality?

    Virtual reality is a three-dimensional environment created inside a computer with which a user can interact with virtual reality headgear and handheld controllers. We provide you with both, so you can interact with the world in various ways.

  • Can I use the headgear with prescription glasses on?

    Yes, the headgear is adjustable and has room for eyeglasses.