Design drawings with laser precision

From Atlastica to professionals, to urban renewal and renovating, valuation, diagnosing problems and property deals.

  • You receive precise and accurate design drawings fast and cheap
  • You get better deals with contractors, thanks to the clear and accurate drawings
  • You find the discrepancies within the real world and older drawings, for example in volume, squares and possible tilt

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Professional’s tool

Atlastica’s services are utilised by professionals of property and construction business, who require high quality design drawings:

  • Property owners and managers
  • Architects, designers and engineers
  • Construction companies, consults
  • Real estate agents

Atlastica records your targets as dense point clouds with the precision of five millimeters and creates accurate design drawings from them. You will save time and money while also avoiding measurement errors, uncertainties and additional measuring trips to the site.

Atlastica provides a clear picture of the target in one go

3D laser scanning is the most reliable way of measuring the whole building in true scale fast and cost-effectively.

The scanner records everything from the largest walls to the smallest doorknob, even those that are too time-consuming with traditional methods of measuring.

If your project requires it, we can also capture the real colors of the points to make it easier to figure out the used materials.

Contact us to find more about point cloud based design drawings or just laser scanning in general!

We require only the address, estimated size in square meters and the amount of corners in the building’s layout to form a price quote. Let’s find out together how you can save time and money.

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Case: Muonion kunnantalo

450 million points captured in one hour

Municipality of Muonio had plans to renovate the roof of their town hall. The project included two buildings and one warehouse on the property.

Atlastica scanned the whole property in one day and received 24 scan positions with 450 million points combined. Even one meter of snow outside wasn’t enough of an obstacle.

Completed desing drawings were handed to the client only one week after the scanning, who saved several thousand euros, because:

  • competitive bidding was handled with certainty that the drawings provided to the contractors were up to date and precise
  • there was no need for consecutive or control measuring
  • the engineer firm that did the drawing did not have to visit the site even once

”The drawings from the fifties were so inaccurate that we needed new ones. Atlastica provided them fast. The drawings were accurate and measuremenst such as elevations and inlets were clearly visible. We saved time and several thousand euros.”

Juha Vainio, Municipality of Muonio

Faster, cost-effectively and more accurately with the new technology

Benefits of the method


1. Accurate

Images and data produced with laser scanning is accurate enough to be used as evidence in court. The maximum deviation from real world coordinates is around 0,5 cm, and the laser captures everything it sees, including long blades of leaf and pebbles on the ground.

2. Fast

When compared to traditional methods of surveying and measuring, laser scanning is truly the way of the future. Scanningthe target from a single position takes around one minute and results in millions of points of data.

3. Cost-effective

By using point clouds, extremely accurate drawings and measurements can be produced without ever having to visit the site. With the acquired data you can plan your budget or designs with ease, saving time and money.

Atlastica uses the most advanced laser scanning technology Riegl, which is intended especially for documenting the built environment.

Laser scanning records 20 million points for each scan position with five millimeter precision and in real colors

Get the hardest parts of the building – easily

You might have required additional measurements with total station, measuring tape or laser-utilising distance measuring devices. Using these devices may work, but they are generally very slow when compared to laser scanning. Human error is also more prevalent when using traditional methods of measuring. In practice these methods don’t come even close to the efficiency and precision of laser scanning and point cloud data. Inclined or curved surfaces are especially hard to measure accurately with total station.

One or one million points?

Technological advancement enables the gathering of massive amounts of data quickly. Laser scanning is the future of measuring.

Reasons to use Atlastica:

Find out accurate measurements of the building’s volume, lines and angles


Design drawings can never be exactly 100% accurate, but unless made with laser scanning, the margin of error can be substantial. 3D laser scanning is the only method available with which the whole building can be measured accurately and cost-efficiently.

Measurements, straightness, deviations, height etc. can be seen in and measured from point cloud data. This is valuable knowledge especially in urban renewal, valuation and in updating the target’s design drawings.

Plan and design reliably without ever visiting the site

Difficult renovating projects require precise design drawings. Accurate drawings also help in call for bids.

Usually these kind of projects require visits from different kinds of designers, but with point cloud data the amount of these visits can be reduced or cut entirely, saving you time and money.

Avoid unnecessary and nasty surprises in measurement deviations

Deviations between drawings and real world measurements may lead to costly delays, errors or disputes. Documenting the current situation with laser scanning is beneficial; avoiding such problems is in everyone’s interests.

Design and renovate with fluidity

Almost every professional in renovating and construction business has encountered situations in which measurements and drawings do not match. Point cloud data enables accurate design and implementation.

Enhance the property’s marketing


Document the property in whole with the environment in real measurements and colors. With the data provided by Atlastica you can gain an edge over the competitors in the market.

Cut risks in real estate business


Large real estate transactions are lengthy and complex processes. Risk management in such situations is essential for buyer and seller alike. Benefits of using Atlastica’s services in these kinds of transactions include being able to:

  • view the property in reliable and accurate form without the need to visit the premises
  • find possible deviations beforehand, which reduces disputes and helps in valuation
  • calculate the exact surface area which has a monetary weight in the deal
  • show point cloud data as a valid form of evidence in courts

Provide engineers and architects with complete design drawings or point cloud data

Design engineers, HVAC-engineers and architects benefit greatly from accurate design drawings that enable them to do the work they were actually hired to do.

Atlastica can provide you and your designer an angineers with the point cloud data, complete design drawgins, or both. Whichever you choose, you can rely on it being accurate and precise.

Find out problems of the property

Whether you believe there’s a problem in the building’s angles or measurements, or you know it and want to find the cause, Atlastica’s laser scanning can help you

When viewing the dense point cloud provided by us you can quickly spot degradations of the building such as tilts and bends of the surfaces.

Atlastica – Advanced laser scanning technology and demanding projects since 1998

Our company has completed challenging projects from Nuorgam to Espoo, such as cable route measuring. Our expertise is the result of years of work and projects. A small sampling of our clients throughout the years:

  • Sonera (Telia)
  • Finnish Defence Forces
  • Oulun Puhelin Ltd.
  • Pohjanmaa telephone cooperatives
  • Eltel Networks
  • Relacom
  • TLT Group